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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

God is the truth..

God is the truth , the way and the life ...Only in His name we can save .There is none not one..The coming of Christ is soon as the Bible clearly says when exactly will be happened no one knows..Therefore always be ready in season and out of season ..Hell there is the reality for the unbelievers forever ..Heaven There is the reality for the believers forever... Now Still it is a time to repent believe in Christ as the personal savior and u will be saved .Cos today is the day of salvation for the world. life is like just like the cloud while just appear and gone just like this...I would like do to say that if u are not still saved everyone who is going to see my command plz i say again again believe in Jesus Christ will be saved..Cos He died on the cross for sinner u and me in the place..Shed His blood any charge for that.just free get free save free get free met free live peace comes from the lord. Mang pa pen thu man thu ta le hin na khu a hihi...mangpa min bek tawh ki pian tha thei hi..leinei leitung ah hing na a pia thei om lo hi..koi ma om lo hi..Laisiang tho gen ma bang in pasian hun nai ta hi ni le hun te ki khel to to hi ta ah .A hi bang e Mang pa pen ban hung ah hing kum sut ding koi ma a thei om lo hi.Tua A hi ziak in ni sim nai sim a hun tawh om lo in ki ging kul hi. Hell e ci pen thu um lo te a ding ah ki bawl pi a hi ah tua pen tawng tung si na a hihi..Heaven ki ci pen thu um mi te a ding a hiah mang pa tawh tawng tung nung tah om ton na ding inn nuam pen khua a hihi..Lawm aw tua a hi ziak in ki sia in na pian tha nai si le mang pa um in na lum sim ta pi tawh tua hi le nang na pian tha ding a hihi..bang ding ahei ci le tu ni pen gupkhia na ni a hihi..lei mi zo sia a ding zong ahihi..nung ta na ei ci pen tam bang hi tui khu bang le hi ba khat in hing om in a sawl lo in a man bang hi le hi.Tua a hi ziak in kang deih sa na tawh kang gen a hi nang na pian tha nai si le lawm aw tam mi lai a mu zo sia hepi na tawh kang gen gen kia sawm sawm a hihi mangpa na lum sim tawh um in tua hi le nang na pian tha ah mang pa ta pa na suah ding ahihi..bang ding a hi e ci le Mang pa pen e te tang ding in maw nei lo pi maw nei lo pi maw nei mun ah hing si ah nang le kei a ding si hi.A sisan sit lo in nang le kei ah ding in hing si calvary mual tung ah..Nang tung man nget lo ah um in..sang ziak in um ziak in pasian ta pa ci in le ka maw na tang ding ah hing si in tho kia cin um ziak in sang ziak in nung tak in lungno na na pian tha zaw ciang le hagau siang tho nang kung ah hing om ding ah na lung hing nuam ding hi..Um ziak in

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